Ever-Growing influences millions of buying decisions each month via ISO-certified, hands-on consumer tests. That way reducing time and effort among consumers and helping to lower CO2 emissions via reduced return rates.

Along the way, we offer exclusive review publications to 2,500+ advertisers across the globe while providing reknown publishers lucrative, incremental revenue channels.

Some of our 20+ publishing partners

About Ever-Growing

Our ISO-certified tests advise more than 30 million users annually and generate over €250m in e-commerce sales. We manually test over 2,500 products each year across the EU, from robotic lawnmowers and e-bikes to kettle grills and mattresses. At this moment we are collaborating with 100+ agencies (Online Marketing, PR and SEO) who have helped 700+ brands to substiantially increase market awareness and conversion rates.

Your Advantages as Advertiser

Opportunity to meaningfully and cost-effectively expand your offerings to e-commerce customers nationally or across Europe
Affordable publication in renowned media in a transaction-related environment with a reach of millions
International publications possible, e.g., LeParisien, BFMtv, Libero Shopping, La Vanguardia, etc. leading to ideal seeding campaigns in new markets
High brand awareness and better purchase rates through the native branding effect in combination with quality communication via our seal
Low costs o for a consumer test containing photo documentation and publication over the duration of a year, including our seal licence
Discounts for follow-up bookings and additional products are negotiable to further increase your margin

Your Advantages as Publisher

A stable and growing additional revenue channel without cannibalizing any of your existing revenue sources – in 2023, we have distributed >1.5M€ to publishers
Unique, high-quality commerce content at scale that amazes both, your readers and search engines
Additional traffic via organic search – 85% of our traffic is organic – which is also strengthening your potential own commerce content activities via interlinking
Full control on the editorial part on demand, based on shared editorial plans, briefing documents and topical blacklist/whitelist you can submit
Regular meetings and a dedicated contact person at Ever-Growing ensuring collaborative success and synergetic leverage on all ends
Low-to-no effort model: We do all the heavy lifting like consumer tests, product logistics and storage as well as editorial work while respecting your guidelines and feedback
Don’t hesitate

Reach out to our Head of Sales Vesna Miletic via your prefered channel at any time

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